Courier magazine issue 24
Courier magazine issue 24

In this issue:

  • The Business of Design: From billion-dollar sofa startups to ceramicists in Sao Paulo

  • Hot-desking in an urban climbing gym? How to find your perfect workspace

  • Can LSD help you unleash your creative genius at work?

  • Has craft beer gone flat? We chart the uncertain future of bottle shops

  • A freelancer’s guide to unwinding in the woods

  • Building profit into your coffee shop dream

...and more.

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Courier focuses on the businesses with good design at their centre, from sofas to ceramics. This issue also includes our inaugural workplace special – the ultimate guide to locating and styling your new office.

In this issue, Courier seeks out the best design-based companies around the world. We visit a ceramicist in Sao Paolo and learn from a billion-dollar sofa startup. We look at the value of good design to customers and how it can form a crucial part of a brand identity. The feature also covers the commercial market for finely crafted products, as we check out the best design stores from Milan to Bangkok. 

Within the magazine you’ll find our first ever dedicated workplace guide. The guide contains a 36-page breakdown of how to make your workplace both efficient and beautiful, with product reviews, location scouts and tech advice.

Is it possible to microdose your way to the top? Courier looks at the potential benefits of LSD to creatives on the hunt for their next breakthrough. 

Elsewhere, we chart the precarious future of craft beer and ask whether specialist bottle shops have a future. If beer isn’t your thing, we’ve also got a freelancer’s guide to unwinding in the woods and the lowdown on how to build profit into your coffee shop dream.