2. Drive traffic to your site

You’ll know that increasing the number of people visiting your website is critical to achieving your sales goals. But making the most of that traffic is key – you want to do all you can to make sure that more of your visitors are buyers than browsers.


Your marketing efforts need to be towards creating a single view for your customers, so no matter where they interact with you – be it through email, your website or on your social media channels – your business needs to always come across as the same, consistent entity.

Email automations – ie, sending emails to people automatically based on specific triggers – are very effective touchpoints and can reduce your workload. Read more about this on page 6.

Multi-channel outreach

Gone are the days of just reaching out to a customer on one channel – more is more when it comes to customer outreach. A recent study by software company Braze showed that when customers received outreach via two or more channels, engagement increased by