When Emma Tamsin Hill was creating her inclusive clothing brand, AllBody, she wanted to make the clothes she felt excluded from wearing growing up. ‘I remember feeling super left out a lot of the time,’ she says. ‘There was a clear difference between me and all my friends, because I was the biggest one. I really wanted to create something that everyone felt a part of, no matter what you look like, who you are or what you believe in.’

I really wanted to create something that everyone felt a part of, no matter what you look like, who you are or what you believe in.

Emma launched AllBody in February 2019, using Instagram Business as her primary promotion platform. An all-inclusive clothing brand with sizes ranging from small to 5XL, AllBody focuses on comfortable, well-fitting, well-made pieces – primarily athleisure that features self-love slogans relating back to Emma’s personal brand as a body-positivity advocate. Scrolling through AllBody’s Instagram page, you can see a wide range of models wearing the clothes, but followers also get to see behind the scenes – transparency that sets the company apart.

Emma founded the business with her dad, who deals with the ‘boring side’, and also works with her cousin, who embroiders and prints the pieces in-house at their small studio in Lancashire, UK. As an established YouTube and Instagram influencer, Emma used her existing platform, carrying over potential customers. ‘In the beginning, it was mainly my Instagram and YouTube audience that bought the brand,’ she says, referring to her personal social account. But she soon found more customers through her new business account: ‘The only marketing we’re doing at the moment is through Instagram – it’s going well!’ she says.

For tons of people, knowing exactly where items come from and that they are ethically made is becoming key to their purchasing decisions. Emma knows this, and she uses Reels and video clips to take her followers behind the scenes of her business. In a recent post, she shot the embroidery process, making the quality of the garment super clear.

‘A picture is great, but with a video you get to connect with someone or the brand so much more,’ she says, adding that she once made a video when she went to visit her manufacturer in Turkey. ‘I’ve always brought everyone along with us in the process. I thought it was really important for everyone to know how everything works, and I think our customers find it interesting to find out where things come from, too.’

She’s keen to experiment with allowing customers to shop directly via her page, too. ‘Through my own personal business, when I do affiliate links and put it on my story, I see how many people buy through their phones – it’s crazy!’

On top of that, through Insights, a business-only tool that allows users to track who their customers are, from their age to their gender, Emma has the opportunity to cater her content and clothing to her customers.

In the coming years, Emma wants to expand AllBody, hiring a dedicated marketing manager to take care of her Instagram page and ensuring she’s getting the most out of the platform. Most importantly, though, she wants to build on the success of AllBody by expanding the clothing range from athleisure to dresses, two-pieces and more fitted garments.

Emma’s keen to see how much her business can grow: ‘I want to focus on product line expansion and keep making diverse marketing – showing all different types of people – and keep growing,’ she says. ‘That’s my main goal.’

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